Sunday, March 24, 2013

Are you blocked from using YouTube or other video sites in your classroom?

With all of the great tools for teaching computer skills provided on many video sites, it can be terribly frustrating not to have access to them in the classroom! I know this first hand. However, there is a way to convert these forbidden videos--and it is extremely EASY! Yes, I said easy.

I use iLivid  As you can see from the image below, it is a very simple process and easy to download. It will ask if you want to install and use "Torch" as your preferred web browser-I did not. So, be sure to uncheck the boxes during the download if you do not want this installed.

I copy the videos on my home computer. iLivid also acts as a viewer, so you will want to download iLivid to your work computer and any others you want to view converted videos on. I use a Google blog just for my classroom to post my videos in, so they are already set-up and ready to go when I need them. Thus, eliminating the need to use the iLivid viewer at work in many instances.