Friday, June 21, 2013

Learning in the Lab--U.S. States

Learning about our states in America is, of course, a staple in classrooms across the country. In the school where I work, it happens in third grade where each student is given an individual state to research and report on. I love how each child is so proud of whatever state it is that they have been given to explore. My son, now in his late teens, still remembers his third grade state and many of the details he researched.

I often work with homeroom teachers to create activities that correspond with what they are teaching in the regular classroom. What better way to grab the attention of a subject than the use of a fun activity on a computer? 

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In this activity, students will gather information from Internet sources to create a poster of one of America’s states. 

This activity can be copied to computers so students can work directly with the file in Microsoft Word. Links to websites are provided--so, students can click on links that will take them directly to websites containing the info and pictures they need.

I love this type of activity that allows many students to work independently. This frees me up to move throughout the computer lab to work with students who have specific questions about the activity.