Friday, July 19, 2013

Grab & Go Stories Pack--Word Processing Activities for Grades 3-5

This pack contains 20 cards with kid-friendly instructions for setting up and creating stories in Microsoft Word or other word processing programs. Just print out the cards, cut and laminate them for long lasting use. Keep them in a place where kids can grab them and go!

These cards
can be used for an entire class activity as well as for fill-ins. Here are some helpful ideas when using this product:

  • Store cards numerically in an accessible place such as an index box where kids can access them easily. This way if they get done with an assigned project, they can independently grab a card and go to it!
  • Keep the chart included in this packet handy so kids can check off each story they finish.
  • If your students are familiar with adding clipart, you may want to have them add a picture or two to their story.