Saturday, October 5, 2013

It's a Brain Thing!

Product Description

"Teaching kids about their brains one little lesson at a time!" This activity pack is a creative combination of computer activities for grades 3-5 sure to provide students with a great learning experience!

Included in this pack:

1. A PowerPoint presentation which provides a simple look at the 3 major parts of the brain—the cerebellum, cerebrum and brain stem. It also explains the drawing activity students will complete in either Microsoft Paint or KidPix.

2. A step-by-step Microsoft Word tutorial explaining how to create a 3-column chart to hold facts about the 3 brain parts.

3. An internet link is included directly in the MS Word file above which allows students to access a webpage designed specifically for this product. The webpage has:

• A chart with facts students can use to fill in their charts (this is good if you want students to have quick access to info).

• links to other sites with information (provides opportunities for students to practice online search skills)

• fun brain links to a fascinating video and online coloring picture.