Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Microsoft Excel for Grades K-3

I think many of us shy away from using Excel with lower elementary grade classes. It seems like a big task but broken down into small chunks it's not so bad. I recently created "Excel for Little Ones" which is an interactive activity for this age group, and it has been very successful in my classes. 

"Excel for Little Ones" teaches about cells, cell addresses, worksheets, rows, columns and entering data. Students work through the 6 worksheets by pressing "Next" and "Back" links. This lesson is designed for students to complete in 30-40 minutes.

As far as using these with the different suggested age groups (K-3) I recommend the following:
  • For Kindergartners, I find it best to use at the end of the school year when there keyboard and letter recognition is improved.
  • For third graders, this is a good beginning Excel activity for those students who have not had any experience with Excel (particularly new students who come without Excel experience).
Once students complete this activity they will be able to create basic charts. You can provide endless data for charts for extra practice!