Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Cleaning in the Computer Lab

We've made it through the winter--if you live in the Northeastern part of the U.S., congratulations for surviving a difficult season! Time to open those classroom windows again and do some spring cleaning. 

Cleaning a computer lab can be time consuming and monotonous with all those cables and equipment to work around! A small vacuum comes in handy to suck up the dust that gathers. But, grime and germs take a little more work. Here are some tips for friendly products you can use to clean your lab and computer equipment:

Desks and Tables:

The greener the better. No need to buy fancy expensive products. You can find green products in most grocery stores. There are also many suggestions for making your own cleaners online. I have used the following vinegar solution for years at home and now at school.  

Keyboard and Mouse:

Rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. Be sure not to soak the cotton ball with enough alcohol to drip out of it. You don't want want it soaking into the keyboard or mouse.

Turn your keyboard upside down and shake it gently to release any crud that may be hiding inside. Use a small paintbrush to sweep between the keys.


Be careful with your monitor when it comes to cleaning products. Standard window cleaners can be quite harmful. Stick with a commercial cleaner designed for use on computer screens.


Ugh! The most dreaded of least for me. Dreaded, but important. Below is a link to a good article on how to clean the inside of computers:

How to Clean the Inside of Your Computer by Ed Rhee

Happy least it's Spring!