Saturday, June 21, 2014

Gardening in the Computer Lab?

My love of gardening makes me want to share it with others. While researching gardening tidbits online, I often run across articles about gardening with kids. While playing online garden games isn't the ultimate gardening experience, it can get kids thinking about it! I found some ad-free online activities that I will definitely use with my students next year. Take some time to play them yourself...I'm having fun with them!


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Saturday, June 14, 2014

School's out for summer...are you planning?

If you are like me, you start each summer saying "I am going to get my curriculum really organized for the next school year." I never get as much done as I start out thinking I will. Too many summertime things get in the way...which of course is better than too much planning getting in the way of summer fun. We do need the break!

I do have fun looking for new ideas. Pinterest is one of my favorite tools for this. I am very visual, so scanning what can be an endless array of information holds my interest. And, I really find a lot of cool stuff (for teaching and everything else I like in life).

I have a Pinterest account for Computer Teacher Solutions that I would like to invite you to follow if you care to. It can be found at You can also visit my website at

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Educational games worth investigating....

I received the following link from Teacher Vision in an email this morning and thought it was worth passing on. "Funbrain to Go" has games you can download to your computers which have features not found online...

Funbrain to Go

Download Funbrain games to your computer so your students can access them anytime, anywhere. Funbrain has earned the respect and devotion of thousands of teachers because of its engaging, educationally valid games. Check out the games below -- these Funbrain-to-Go versions have sound and animation not found in the online versions on Mac users, please note that Funbrain-to-Go versions are for "Classic" Mac OS and will not work with current Mac OS (10.5 and newer).

Try Math Baseball, a beloved Math computation game used by thousands of students daily. Or introduce your class to Planet Zug so they can expand their vocabulary. Or build eye-hand coordination and strategy skills with Power Gobbler.

Funbrain to Go: Downloadable Games for Students & Teachers -

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