Thursday, July 17, 2014

ADHD in the Computer Lab? Get rid of chairs!

Whether it is ADHD, or kids who just have high energy and trouble sitting still in computer class, there is one thing I find extremely helpful for these students. And, for me!

A solution for swiveling chairs and kicking desks? 

Yes! I get easily distracted by students moving and spinning in their chairs while trying to give instruction. This is often coupled by the sound of their feet kicking the enclosed wooden desk units in my classroom. What are little students whose feet don't quite touch the ground yet to do? 

Answer:  Simple--get rid of their chairs! Let younger kids stand in the front of their computers. If they are too tall for this, they can kneel. When given this option, high energy kids (and not-so-high-energy kids) are thankful for this option. I let all students decide if they want to try this. Many may try it at first, but the ones who truly need it stick with it! 

Everyone can benefit from this quick, free and sanity-saving preventive measure!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Love this "Website Evaluation" Lesson Plans Resource!

I came across this site today and am really excited about using it with my students! This site was created by teachers specifically to help students evaluate online information. It has everything you need including various lesson plans and tool kits. Definitely worth a look...

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